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The mission of the Awareness Foundation is to highlight truths that are hidden in plain sight. We will challenge the global structures and organisations, that are oppressing billions of people around the world every day.

We aim to educate and fight on behalf of all people affected by these unfair structures and systems. We offer support networks and alternative solutions to combat the problems many face every day of their lives.

We aim to gather together a collective, from all groups fighting for this same cause. A significant proportion of the planet’s population, currently live unaware of the structures and organisations that we fight against every day, and which prohibit our abilities to thrive.

Freedom is a right that we are all born with, however we have all been born into systems that form part of our everyday lives, which stop most of us from ever experiencing true freedom.

The Awareness Foundation represents all people, it is a voice for those that do not yet see the oppression that surrounds us and for those that are unable to fight against the systems alone.

We have one clear message that we seek to spread. #ENOUGH




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Working in partnership with In One Place, the Awareness Foundation is building a community for all people that are aware, and who are disturbed by the current global powers treatment of citizens across the world. We are providing a platform for all to use, to communicate securely and uncensored, whilst the platform will assist us to offer advice and support to our global community. In addition our members will find tools that will allow them the ability to trade and grow with one another.


At our inception, we looked around the world and found it hard to highlight one standout organisation that clearly represented the common people of this planet. Those that are fully or even partially aware, understand that what happens behind the scenes at the highest levels of authority, is not what it might seem to so many. We believe there is a need for one organisation to rise out from the crowd, and to become THE VOICE of THE PEOPLE, no matter what creed or colour, what sex or religion we were all born equal, or at least that’s the way it should have been.

The Awareness Foundation is striving to become the rock that you can trust, to give those that cannot fight the machine alone, the helping hand needed to begin to equalise things. The time for battling alone in life must cease, you now have us and we are aware, it is time for us ALL to collectively say #enough.


Within the Awareness Foundation we are working hard on building a number of supportive services, to assist people in some of the struggles we foresee ahead. Only together can we beat back this threat to our sovereignty and our lives. We have started with our own social media site, as well as our own online magazine that will contain academic reports, journalist pieces and citizen offerings, as well as a numerous number of already built support services. Our aim here is to represent and support everyone.

If your income has become affected by governmental measures, such as the shutting down of businesses, forced mask and vaccination measures, or if you are one of the many stuck on furlough schemes. The Business in association with our partner In One Place, offers those wishing to take more control of their future, an easy way to start their own business, and offers you a fast track to financial freedom. It can easily become your primary income, or it could form a second income stream in a very short period of time.

The Business currently offers members over 25 ready to go business models, which allows you to be up and running, making money in less that 7 days. Check out the special offer to join this scheme today.

If you would like to explore ways in which you can obtain your financial freedom. We will show you how banks are lying to us all, how to take action and how to gain remedy against the situation. We can offer education in ways to free yourself from any debt cycle that you are entered into with financial institutions.

We believe that the government has discriminated against the self employed in the UK, with their bounce back loan rescue package.
Whilst many have benefitted from being paid to stay at home, most collecting nearly their full salary through the furlough schemes, the self employed have been forced into large debt via schemes such as The Bounce Back Loans.
We believe that this treatment of the self employed has breached discrimination laws amongst other arguments, and we intend to gather together as many self employed as possible to make a case for getting these written off.

As part of our mission, we are working towards providing a range of alternative infrastructures across the globe. Should the unvaccinated and non-compliant find themselves under attack, we are offering ready-made solutions. Services already launched include, uncensored alternative social media, banking, a community private currency, alternative payment solutions, trusted education and wellness support. 

With such things as alternative food supplies and disaster planning soon to come, we will be growing our support as quickly as is practical, to offer you so, much more…

Through a range of different channels, the Awareness Foundation will be offering support and advice to as many people as we can. We will be covering such topics as financial, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, legal support, and basic general planning. Alongside this we will be providing such things as letter templates and campaign planning.

The Awareness Foundation is planning to stage several strategically planned protest campaigns. The people’s opinions should absolutely be heard by the elites that are running OUR planet, and the plans we are working toward to bring awareness, that a people’s movement should never be dismissed or discounted.


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